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The secret of skill lies in wanting.

-Guiseppe Mazzini-

Gina Marie Hudson is an artist and a teacher with heart and soul. After graduating from high school, she completed her training as a musical performer and has been a singer, actress and dancer on several national and international stages for over 15 years.

Gina enjoys to pass on her knowledge and experience to others and therefore began to study at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen in 2014. In 2017, she graduated as a certified Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) singing teacher. Since then she has been teaching numerous singers of various styles and levels and has worked as a vocal coach for the Youth Ensemble at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin.

Gina explored many different sports including tennis, horseback riding, gymnastics, CrossFit, yoga, HIIT and several dance styles. However, Pilates is the kind of full body workout that keeps Gina engaged. After 20 years of chronic back pain, Pilates, in combination with an intensive fascia treatment, helped her to regain complete mobility and relief of pain.

This ultimately motivated her to begin comprehensive teacher training to become a BASI Pilates instructor (Body Arts and Science International) in matwork and studio equipment.

With the help of mindfulness exercises and the establishment of a positive mindset Gina has not only learned to cope with physical, but also with mental challenges. Thanks to a few simple techniques she learned how to handle her stage fright better. 

Based on all these experiences, Gina came to the idea of ​​creating a place where you can train and balance your voice, your body and your mind: GINA'S LAB.


It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop.


GINA'S LAB is a safe place where you can explore, train and harmonize your voice, body and mind. It is an experiment room, workshop and refuge at the same time.

The LAB strives to create an environment in which you feel comfortable to dare step out of your comfort zone so that you can ultimately develop and grow.

Whether you work professionally with your voice and body and regularly perform on stage, whether you're a business person giving important speeches in front of large groups of people or whether you just want to sing for fun, work out or develop a positive mindset - GINA'S LAB is the right place to go if you are interested in VOICE, BODY or MIND and want to do something good for yourself.

Just stop by and find out for yourself. GINA'S LAB looks forward to seeing you!


GINA'S LAB offers singing lessons using the Complete Vocal Technique (CVT).

CVT is an innovative and clearly structured singing method that can be used by beginners as well as advanced singers and professionals in all musical styles. Not only does it offer you direct solutions for a wide variety of vocal challenges, it also helps you with known issues such as hoarseness and vocal fatigue.

The method was developed by the Danish voice researcher Catherine Sadolin. She founded the Complete Vocal Institute (CVI) in Copenhagen, which is the leading vocal institute in Europe for semi-professional and professional singers.

CVT is based on more than 25 years of intensive vocal research and is always up to date. It is recommended by singers, actors and actresses, singing teachers, speech therapists and doctors all over the world.

With this method you can learn how to create every human sound possible and produce it in a healthy way. In this process, your musical wish always comes first.

It is very important to GINA'S LAB to address your individual needs. Working on singing technique, song interpretation or stage presence, you're given the opportunity to find your voice - your very personal sound ideal - in different ways and in a safe environment.


Pilates is a full-body workout that involves the movement of all joints and large muscle groups on all planes and axes and the articulation of the spine in every possible radius. 

You can practice Pilates in several ways. Depending on the exercise, it may serve as active recovery, build up your muscle strength or improve your muscle endurance. It can function as a compensation training for one-dimensional activities such as sports involving the same muscle groups or the same posture (e.g. golf, cycling, etc.), for work-related muscular imbalances (e.g. sitting in front of the computer for a long period of time) or for daily and leisure activities that condition imbalanced movements and postures in the muscle memory (e.g. playing the violin or always carrying the shopping bag on the same shoulder).

Pilates does not only help you to improve muscular imbalances, incorrect posture and habits of unhealthy movement, it is also ideal to support an accelerated rehabilitation of your functional physical shape after injuries. The goal is to integrate the exercises effectively in your daily activities, to strengthen your body and to harmonize your body with your mind. 

Regardless of the level of difficulty, every workout is based on the following 10 principles: awareness, precision, centering, flow, harmony, balance, control, concentration, efficiency and breathing. Thus, in the various exercises special attention is paid to the deep muscle tissue and a strong core, physical and mental balance, symmetry, flexibility, body awareness and focus.

The training method was developed by Joseph Hubert Pilates, who was born in Germany in 1883. His experience as a bodybuilder, skier, yogi and gymnast as well as his work as a professional boxer, circus artist, teacher of self-defense and even his studies of various animal movements influenced the process of developing his method. During World War I Pilates, who was living in England at the time, was held in a British camp, where he created a series of exercises and training equipment to help rehabilitate wounded people. He later emigrated to the USA and established the first Pilates studio in New York City in 1926 with his wife Clara. His clients were mainly dancers, artists, actors and actresses. 

GINA'S LAB teaches according to the BASI Pilates method, founded in 1989 by Rael Isacowitz in California. BASI stands for Body Arts and Science International and has set the goal of remaining true to the art, science and, above all, the work of Joseph and Clara Pilates.


Do you know the feeling of stage fright, nervousness, insecurity, anxiety or stress? Are you afraid of having a blackout, of not being able to make a sound in front of the audience or of singing out of tune? Do you know what it feels like to be under constant pressure to perform, to feel jittery about the upcoming exam, to constantly worry about what others may think of you or to simply feel uncomfortable in a group of strangers? Do you wish to finally get rid of these negative thoughts and feelings? Moderate nervousness is a positive thing. The purpose of fear is to warn and protect you from danger. A task requires all of your attention and concentration. The senses are sharpened, the muscles tensed, the breathing is increased. The body prepares you for an adventure.

However, if the fear exceeds a healthy level, if it gives you the feeling of no longer being in control and possibly hinders and negatively affects your performance or even your daily life, it can be a sign that the subconsciousness is misdirected. Human cells save all forms of stress. Even if you are currently feeling good, i.e. currently not feeling stressed, the cells can be triggered by a certain situation that actually does not post an imminent threat and put your body under stress. The cause for this can often lie far in the past. The danger is no longer relevant today. Often this triggers another bad experience and thus anchors a persistent negative spiral in the memory of the cells.

A MIND session is about releasing unnecessary triggers and using various exercises to reprogram the mind and establish a positive mindset. Simple tricks and methods will gradually allow you to walk through life more mindfully, cope with stress and overcome anxiety. You can talk about your fears and feelings in a private and confidential one-on-one session, or learn mechanisms for dealing with the negative spiral in a group that can be both a mirror and a motivator at the same time.

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