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GINA'S LAB is a small startup that aims to provide top quality online lessons and classes for everyone. Therefore, the prices at GINA'S LAB are based on the principle of solidarity: those who are willing to give more carry those who cannot afford so much. With VOICE Solo, BODY Group and MIND Individual you can choose which price category suits you best and how much you would like to contribute to GINA'S LAB.


Buy 10 lessons in advance and

get an additional 30 minute session for free. 

60€/Solo lesson (60min)

I'm actually broke, but singing is my passion!

66€/Solo lesson (60min) 

I feel the groove in me

and it's worth

giving a little extra!

74€/Solo lesson (60min)

Lalalala... Loving it!

And at the same time GINA'S LAB is getting a tiny kick off!

20€/Drop in & Sing (60min)

Whoop, whoop!

This is my thing! And at the same time I help a startup on its feet!


Buy 10 classes in advance and

get an extra free bonus class on top. 

15€/Group class(60min)

I'm actually broke, but I wanna stay in shape!

18€/Group class (60min) 

I'm doing something good for myself and therefore it's worth giving a little more!

22€/Group class (60min)

Oooohhh ... I think it's great!

And I also get to give GINA'S LAB a juicy boost!

66€/Individual training (60min)

Yes! Full attention and on top of that I also get to help a startup

on its feet!


Arrange a first free consultation

using the cotact form. 

74€/Individual session (60min)

I'm actually broke, but on the verge of going nuts!

80€/Individual session (60min) 

It actually works

and so it's worth

giving a tiny bit more!

88€/Individual session (60min)

Wooow ... that changes my perspective! Plus I enable

GINA'S LAB to make a small leap!

35€/Group session (60min)

Hallelujah! This is exactly what I need! And at the same time I get to help a startup on its feet!

Let's get to know each other and talk about your challenges, wishes and goals.

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    • Ask for a discounted trial session
    • Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours prior to the appointment
    • Purchase 10 apointments in advance and get a free session
    • Also ask for a combination package that is personally tailored to you
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